Commitment to Clients and Community

At SevenBridge Financial, our business is about trusted relationships, not just the mechanics of money management. We pride ourselves on developing strong, long-term relationships with our clients and being active and interested members of our community. We work hard to become a trusted confidante so that we can understand your personal values, risk preferences and goals to help ensure the realization of your dreams for the future.


Clients come to us because they view planning and investing the same way we do. As a smaller firm, we keep our client base at a size that ensures we devote personal, dedicated service to each and every one. This has helped us forge strong client relationships — some that have lasted decades — characterized by assistance with everything from planning for retirement to buying that dream vacation home.


SevenBridge Financial Group is built around a culture of integrity, family values and hard work. We truly care about our clients and have built our practice — and our reputation — by adhering to prudent financial principles and standards of excellence in everything in we do.

“We don’t think for our clients, we think like them.”


Benefitting from an open architecture platform, we’re able to tap the widest scope of resources available to meet your needs and our management perspective most ideally. Without constrictions in investment and fund selection, we have total freedom to work with the leading financial, advisory and professional services firms. As a result, at SevenBridge Financial, our clients are “clients of Wall Street,” able to tap into unlimited opportunities from wherever and whatever firm they are sourced.


A stellar platform is one thing, but it takes a group of professionals with the right experience, knowledge and expertise to use it most effectively. Our team members complement each other in experience and background, offering clients thoughtful and informed perspectives on the strategic and tactical solutions that are going to work the hardest for them.


The needs of our clients take precedence in everything we do. Our recommendations are always and absolutely driven by what’s in the best interests of our clients, without corporate mandates, sales quotas or added costs. The philosophy we embrace in designing our clients’ financial plans is no different from that which we apply to our own.