At SevenBridge Financial, our clients seek to achieve certain outcomes: to plan for retirement, fund a grandchild’s education or launch a new business, for instance. As a result, our investment philosophy balances asset allocation, tax efficiency and cost effectiveness with goal-driven investing.

We begin by securing a thorough understanding of each client’s expectations, objectives and tolerance for risk. Based on these unique characteristics, we then develop a “core-satellite” strategy for each client portfolio. The “core” of a portfolio comprises companies that are financially sound, well-managed and globally based with additional focus on generating a strong and growing dividend stream. “Satellite” positions complement the ”core” by adding either stability or the potential for growth.

Each client’s portfolio is tailored specifically to accomplish desired objectives and maintain appropriate risk parameters. We strive to build and maintain a portfolio that offers total return while balancing volatility. At SevenBridge, we are resolute in our belief that a comprehensive, customized investment strategy is much more than a questionnaire and a cookie cutter pie chart.

As in all we do, ongoing communication is essential to ensuring that our clients understand the progress they are making towards fulfilling their objectives and serves as the basis for deeper conversations and long-lasting impact.