We serve a wide variety of clients including high net worth individuals and families, executives, and private institutions. We also have a specialization in Retirement Income Planning, serving business owners, divorcees, and natural gas property leasers.

Individuals Retiring or Retired

At SevenBridge we have created a solution for generating predictable, inflation-adjusted income throughout retirement. Our solution is a comprehensive mix of investment offerings designed to generate a pension-like check in retirement while also taking into account other goals such as portfolio growth and liquidity.

The SevenBridge Comprehensive Retirement Income Solution

Business Owners

The first place to go when thinking of selling your business is a firm with experience in planning and completing these transactions.

At SevenBridge Financial Group, we have extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes begin a transition toward a sale as well as being by their side through the successful transaction and beyond. We have proven that proper planning leads to a significantly more beneficial outcome.

The SevenBridge Liquidity Event Process


We become our clients’ positive advocates during potentially negative financial negotiations & beyond. We assist through these difficult times by offering the financial caring that we uniquely provide to help navigate the impacts of divorce.

Most of our clients are referred to us through divorce lawyers or CPAs that believe their clients need additional and important financial advice and guidance through a divorce.

Whether you are divorce planning or are overwhelmed with the financial details in a divorce, SevenBridge will step in and become a value-added member of your team.

Our capabilities include:

Natural Gas Land Leasing

SevenBridge Financial Group has extensive expertise working with clients who receive income from natural gas leases on their properties, as well as in-depth knowledge of our region’s current drilling and production operations.  We also assist clients as they look to establish up to date market prices for their oil and gas mining interests and any associated leasehold bonus and royalty payments.

Our team provides guidance on every step of the process, from first approach by an energy provider through incorporating assets into existing financial plans. We also work as part of a team with our clients’ CPAs and legal counsel to ensure they are achieving maximum benefit from their resources.

Our capabilities include: